Kadalundi Church

Founded in 1936, and canonically erected in 1938, this house was declared a formed house (Priorate) in 1945.  As early as 1926 Rt Rev. Dr Paul Perini S. J., then Bishop of Kozhikode desired to have one of our houses in his diocese and promised to give us the necessary fund and a vast area of land at Marikunnu in Kozhikode. Unfortunately his desire could not be fulfilled. His successor Rt Rev. MsgrRanzani, S. J. again took up the matter and promised to give us a church with its compound at Feroke. This also could not be materialised. Finally, we decided to start a house somewhere near Feroke with the idea of evangelising the people. St Thomas Monastery, Pavaratty offered to take up the project. The present site at Kadalundy was bought in 1936 and the house was founded in the same year under the Patronage of St Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles.  A Primary School was started in 1946 and is still functioning well. In 1976 the Monastery Chapel was declared as a Parish Church. A mini industrial estate started in 1976 has been of much help to the people of the locality.  The canonical status of the St Paul’s Monastery was changed to that of a residence through G. C. 149/87, Act. 149/18-11-87.  As per the General Council’s decision, this house with its land was given to CMI Brothers Unit, for four years. Accordingly, the Brothers Unit took charge of the house on June 30, 1992. The function of the manager of L. P. School, Chaplain of C. H. F.  Convent, and Vicar of the Parish were, however, carried out by the  Province itself. (Act. 69, PC 10/19-6-1992) The Present house and Parish church were reconstructed in the year 2005. Fr.Jerome Cherussery, provincial blessed the house and Rt Rev. Bp Paul Chittilappilly blessed the St Paul’s Parish church on 11 September, 2005. In 2012, the LP School building was reconstructed and blessed.